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Public Problem Reporting

If you are a government agency or first responder organization, DO NOT use this form to report emergencies. Instead, please contact NJDOT’s 24/7 Central Dispatch Unit at 609-588-6211.

Thank you for reporting a pothole, tall grass or other maintenance problem on a state highway, which you can identify on the map below. The regional offices of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will act on your information. Safety issues are our first priority. For pothole damage claims on New Jersey State Highways and Interstates (listed in the first drop-down menu below), please contact the Department of Treasury's Office of Risk Management. Potholes and other maintenance issues should be reported using the map and online form below so NJDOT can make the necessary repairs. Please complete this form to the best of your ability and NJDOT will take it from there. Please tell us where the pothole, tall grass, graffiti, roadway debris/litter, deer carcass, traffic light or sign problem, maintenance, or guiderail damage is located.

On the interactive map below, type in the approximate location – Route number and town if you know it – and a teardrop-shaped pointer will appear.

After adding the address you are searching for, drag the pointer and place it where the pothole or maintenance is required. You may use the + or – signs in the bottom right of the map to zoom in or out. If the road is maintained by NJDOT, the pointer will turn green and the information will populate the location milepost automatically. Then scroll down and complete the form.

Need help filling out this form? Click here to watch a short "how-to" video.

If the road is not maintained by NJDOT, the pointer will turn red as the road may be under county or municipal jurisdiction rather than state jurisdiction. If it is on a county road, please report it to the appropriate County Pothole Hotline.

If you are reporting a pothole for the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike, please complete the form on the New Jersey Turnpike Authority Web site.

If you are reporting a complaint about NJ TRANSIT, please use the online form on the NJ TRANSIT Web site.

Drag the pointer to the exact problem location. Please scroll down further to view the form once you have successfully selected the problem location.
Click here to play the how-to video

You cannot submit a request. Selected location is not in state boundary limitation.

Please complete below required information:
Please Enter valid phone number.
Please Enter valid email address.
Providing your name and telephone number may allow us to contact you for further information.
Please select report option.
You cannot submit a request. Selected location is not in state boundary limitation.
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